About Gus Leen

From a young age, Gus has been fascinated with taking things apart to see how they function. Nowadays, he's passionate about creating new innovative lighting designs, especially with recycled, native New Zealand timbers. Gus aims to create new innovative products that help people sustain a more comfortable lifestyle, whether that be as a commercial or personal product that’s used on a daily basis.
With previous experience working for both an electrician and a joiner, he has an understanding of the manufacturing processes involved in creating bespoke designs.

Our Story

Nature is a huge influence on Gus's designs. He draws inspiration from curvaceous shapes such as seeds, nuts, organisms and native plants. He believes that less is more. Simplicity within a design is key to achieving this.
Mid Century modern design is part of his inspiration. Architecture and products in this movement were designed with simplicity in mind. Uncluttered lines offer a foundation from which we build and shape our products around. Because our eyes are a concave shape, allowing light to poor in from one hundred and eighty degrees, we as humans see the world in three dimensions; we see the curves and bulges of shapes and forms. If a particular form doesn't look pleasing to the eye, it is not a pleasant shape to be around. We need to be surrounded by objects that make us feel comfortable.

Environmental impact is of great importance to us. Every material that we use is hand picked to ensure our products are manufactured from the best available. As our products are built to last, we use sustainable materials such as native New Zealand timbers and naturally finished Bamboo plywood to manufacture our designs. Recyclable materials in todays world play a vital role in our future. By manufacturing our products from renewable materials, we aim to reduce the effect that the current throwaway society has on the environment.

Based in Timaru South Canterbury, our products are designed and manufactured locally. Our 'keeping it local' approach aims to support smaller retailers within the community.


Central Otago New Zealand is the foundation of Gus's inspiration. Being surrounded by vast landscapes offers a clear mind for creativity. Clear blue skies, glassy topped lakes, and snow covered mountains spark many ideas. This environment is full of both hard and soft textures and shapes. Unlocking the potential for an idea is often the hardest part of creating a new design. Gus doesn't draw ideas from existing products; he tries to draw these ideas from natural shapes, or ideas that are generated within his creative mind. 


Do you have an idea in mind that you would like to bring into reality? We would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with you on creating your custom piece from concept to completion.
We also repair and restore designer lighting fixtures that have been damaged or are in need of modernising.
Get in touch with us to discuss your intentions further.